Dedicated to medical education
Illustrated Microbiology Memory
Cards: MicroMnemonics
by Howard Shen, MD, PhD
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Format: Cards, 402 pages (201 cards)
Publisher: Minireview
Publication date: April 8, 2011
ISBN: 1595411038
ISBN: 978-1595411037
Dimensions: 6.5 x 4.2 x 1.625 inches
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Printed in full color, this set of 201 MicroMnemonics cards makes medical
microbiology clear to understand, fun to learn and easy to memorize by using
mnemonics, cartoons and humor.

At first, we create a cartoon for each bug based on its name and associated
features. This turns a "clueless" bug name into a vivid visual cue for easy recall.
Then, the key points of the bug are summarized concisely in an outline format,
supplemented with tables, diagrams, flowcharts and even Dr. Bright's Hint.

This set of cards is organized by microorganisms with an overview guide. Each topic
starts with a classified list of major microbes and the diseases they may cause. The
last section summarizes infections in different organ systems for a quick review.

Intended to serve as an excellent memory aid for learning medical microbiology,
either for the courses or the board exams. It is suitable for anyone who wants to
learn and memorize medical microbiology with ease and fun.