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Hello, I am a pharmacy student and I wanted to tell you that your pharmacology memocharts
are absolutely fantastic!! I find them extremely helpful in my classes.  I wanted to tell you that
and also make a suggestion.  It would be nice to be able to buy all these charts in one big kit
(possibly a bit cheaper?) and also it would be nice to offer these laminated.  I use mine so much
I find that they are wearing.  I'd gladly pay and extra dollar for each if they were laminated.  
Anyway, thank you for a fantastic them!
                                                                                                        S. Seaton
 Saturday, March 20, 2010 6:28 PM
Readers' Feedback
Our response:

Dear S. Seaton

Thanks for the nice comment about and suggestions for our Pharmacology MemoCharts!

We are very glad to hear that our MemoCharts are helping a student like you learn
pharmacology in classes. In response to your suggestion, currently, we are selling the whole set
of all 25 MemoCharts pharmacology at a sale price of over 40% discount (regular price is
$100.75 and the current sale price is only $59.95, plus free shipping to the US. Limited time
offer which will end on May 31, 2010). Also, we are considering adding laminating service to
the charts with an extra fee of $1.00 for each chart.

Minireview, LLC
March, 21, 2010
MemoCharts Pharm Set
(including All 25 Pharm
Charts listed)
Now on sale:

$59.95 per set

(over 40% discount plus
free shipping to the US.
Limited-time offer until
May 1, 201